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Blue Springs, MO Boat Financing

If you are interested in financing a boat, pontoon or outboard, please take the time to fill out our online finance application and get PRE-APPROVED today. This application is safe, secure and confidential.

Basic Information on Recreational Loans

Financing a boat, runabout, pontoon ski-boat or outboard is not like financing a car. Recreational boat loans are designed around an item that does not depreciate as quickly as a car or truck. They are done on a loan term that varies depending on the purchase price of the boat, and typically are 120-180 months. They are written as a simple interest loan with no payoff penalty. Recreational boat loans are not able to offer your typical 0%-1% interest rate.

The auto loans that receive that low interest rate are actually paid down to that amount by the auto manufacturers. Since the average boat manufacturer only builds 500-1500 boats a year they are unable to offer any programs we see from the auto manufacturers.

Here at Blue Springs Marine we use a recreational boat loan company that works with 10 different banks that specialize in boat and recreational loans. By using this company we are able to provide you a loan that best meets your credit and loan needs. Boat loans will require a down payment anywhere from 0%-10% down all credit dependent. Here at Blue Springs Marine we would love to work with you and meet your finance needs on your next boat new or used. Just take a few minutes and complete the following form, so we can start you on your path to the water.

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