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It is that time of year again to think about putting your boat away for the season.  We are starting our winterization and storage season here at Blue Springs Marine.  This year we will be offering a full menu of boat winterization, storage and detailing to make sure your boat is ready for the winter and the 2020 boating season. 

Winterization Myths:

Many people when asked how did you winterize your boat last year state one of the following:

- I kept it in my heated building

- I kept it in the caves that stays warm

- I kept it in my garage.

Winterization has nothing to do with where you store your boat.  In warm climates, what we call winterization is called long term storage.  Every boat MUST be properly winterized to avoid potential damages from sitting long term as wells as the cold conditions.  Every spring we get a few boats in with freeze damage because their heated space had a power failure or we had an ice storm that caused power failure.

Winterization is CHEAP insurance.

An un-winterized stern-drive will sit with lake water in it all winter, rusting and corroding the water passages.  Over time this will cause blockages from rust deposits in those passages making your engine run hotter.  Un treated fuel will start failing in 45-60 days risking fuel system damages.  I challenge any boater to ask their fellow boating friends and you will find at least one that has had fuel related damages to their boat due to bad gas.

Many people skip changing their drive lube each season. This should be done each season to remove the old oil and any water that has seeped into the system. The gear case is the main part that is below water 100% of the time during use. If you have a small seal failure or get fishing line wrapped around your propeller shaft it will damage the seals allowing water into your system. Every spring we see cracked gear cases due to water freezing inside the drive.

Winterization programs

Below are the price ranges for the different winterization services varied by your exact horsepower.  As a reminder to complete boats faster, we are doing all drop offs by appointment.  Please contact Misty in service at 816-229-3366, or email her at to schedule your service today.  We also do on-water winterization and lake pickups for storage.


- Outboards  $79-$329

- Jet (PWC)   $159-$299 per engine

- Stern-drive $159-$459

- In-board     $199-$369


October through March storage for boats dropped off at Blue Springs Marine

- Outdoor using your cover   $595

- Outdoor with shrink-wrap   $725

- Indoor Storage                   $895

October through March storage for boats picked up/returned to Greater Kansas City Metro Lakes

- Outdoor using your cover   $825

- Outdoor with shrink-wrap   $925

- Indoor Storage                   $1095


- Bottom Cleaning/log wash  $209-$299

- Interior detailing $199-299

- Exterior wax $199-$459

- Carpet wash $105-$125