Certified Dealer

Why Buy From A Certified Dealer

Blue Springs Marine is proud to be a certified Five Star Marine Industry Dealer.

As a program built around industry standards developed by boat manufacturers, dealers and engine builders, the Marine Industry Certification creates an industry-wide focus on delivering an excellent boating experience to all customers. A set of criteria and business practices are provided to all certified dealers that work together to promote integrity, respect, courtesy, professionalism and honesty. Among these practices are: customer satisfaction, quality of service, follow-up and facility and business practices. To be considered a Five Star Marine industry Certified Dealer is the highest level of certification. Criteria compliance must be verified by a certified consultant, and dealers are re-evaluated every year to ensure they are continuing to meet the requirements.

Certification also includes a commitment to the program's Consumer Bill of Rights. This document hangs in our dealership with pride letting Blue Springs Marine customers know what to expect and outlines how they will be treated while shopping at our dealership.  

By achieving Certification, Blue Springs Marine has demonstrated that we are dedicated to providing our customers with a consistent and positive experience every time they visit the dealership. With our Five Star Marine Industry Certified Dealership logo in the window, customers will know we are deeply committed to providing the highest level of customer service while shopping, throughout the purchase and continuing on after. 

Benefits Of Buying From A Marine Industry Certified Dealership 

For more information about the Certified Dealer Program, please go to www.discoverboating.com.


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